Von Schulte Rottweilers is located in North San Diego County, California on 2.25 fenced, park-like acres. Our dogs are members of our family and have free reign of our home and property. All of our resident dogs are AKC Champions and work in K9-Search and Rescue for the local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement agencies. Our introduction to the Rottweiler came in the late 1980’s, when we were first exposed to this noble and courageous breed. After considerable deliberation and research, we brought our first Rottweiler puppy home in 1990. Inevitably, we became completely enamored by this ancient and regal breed, and brought our second puppy home several years later. Over the next decade, we continually educated ourselves on the breed and became active in conformation, schutzhund, search and rescue and agility.

At Von Schulte Rottweilers, we focus our breeding program on producing top quality conformation Rottweilers that adhere to the written breed standard. Through constant interpretation, study and research, we attempt to integrate pedigrees (genotype) that most closely exhibit (phenotype) the written breed standard and produce the desired breed type. Our primary goal, with any breeding combination, is to continually improve upon our current breeding program and to strive to produce the “ideal” Rottweiler.

We pride ourselves on our bitches, and firmly believe that the strength of any breeding program begins with their foundation females. We continually strive to improve upon all aspects of conformation, health, and temperament and believe that the total Rottweiler should be structurally correct and capable of performing a full day’s work.

Since those early days, we have been blessed with owning and/or breeding 20-AKC Champions, 4-AKC Grand Champions, 3-ARC Ranked Top-5 bitches (2006, 2007, 2010), 1-ARC Ranked Top-10 bitch (2010), 2-National Youth Siegerin (2009, 2010), and the 2010 ARC National Most Beautiful Female in Show. While we are extremely proud of our accomplishments in the AKC Conformation ring, we are most proud of our 3-generations of “Mission Ready” K9-Search and Rescue dogs (K9-SAR). Each of our resident dogs is an active member of Southwest Search Dogs (www.swsdogs.org), trained in one of the K9-SAR disciplines of trailing or area search.